Sounds like a love song, sounds like a love song.

3 months in the beginning were so romantic Now every time I see you it is so frantic and dramatic What are we now and where we are at I can’t seem to explain that But when I look back I want it all back like that But pain brings growth so here I make a toast To the good and the bad times And to the times where we struggle to find The true meaning and essence of love I wonder how it would be if we were happy all the time Maybe we would be bored maybe we would be fine But I can’t define love for you You have to define it yourself Or maybe you found it in someone else But I don’t want that I just want you So don’t push me away don’t make me beg you to stay You can only see my face and it so sad that you can’t see my heart You are my Lois Lane and I am your Clark I will always come to your rescue when times get dark.


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