Don’t Ask Permission, Ask Forgiveness.

Time apart for my heart to recover. I wish I loved you like I love my mother but it faded and it was no longer creative. I’m going through way too much right now but I think I’m doing fine. We don’t see eye to eye and I constantly lie. To protect myself cause I’m selfish and have grown inconsiderate to your feelings and no longer looking to seek healing, from God. Finding that praying becomes odd when you make the same mistakes but how many mistakes do you have to make to become great? As of late I come home late and fix me a plate and eat by myself with no one else cause I figure I’m really all alone with my thoughts, feelings, ideas and the people around me I held close for a couple of years. I think back in my head maybe if I lied some more or tell the truth instead. It is difficult to be honest all the time cause it gets you into trouble with everything and everyone. Real true feelings come from the inside when you got some. No room for lies, no fear of losing you, no fear of being alone, no fear of rejection. A pain free heart is all I ever wanted. I give everything I’m so exhausted with the time I spend with people that I don’t think are equal to incorporate the love that I gave them in the beginning. Familiarity breeds disrespect from your friends who have taken you for granted. Just remember to love yourself if you ever feel stranded. Love. DSC_0151.jpg


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