St James Cattie

You’re employed you move on from college and finally got a degree and into a job where you can get acknowledged. Money to help mum out when the bills come and have enough left back to have fun with the income. Look how things change we used to crush on each other when I thought you were out my range but years later and you happy with someone else I still imagine how it would be if I had you to myself. You grew tired of waiting on me. You grew tired of the tears for some years and watching me chill out with my peers. I was a coward and I still think about it up to today how I just allowed you to get away. I thought my decision was the best but it was one sided at best. I can’t stress, whoever you are with they should surely be proud you are on cloud 9 and now well defined after all the hurt and turmoil I cause you made it and you deserve an applause..


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